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New web design businesses 

New web design businesses

neatComponents is primarily a business solution to website development problems. It is ideally suited to the individual designer faced with competing against larger and more established competitors.

As a designer, you'll want to spend as much time as you can either designing creative, or being with your clients. Time spent actually putting the sites together is wasted time, and neatComponents is all about minimizing that. It does this in a number of ways: 

Don't sweat the hard stuff - we've already done it

Modern websites are much more than can be expected of just one person - but you are just one person. neatComponents allows you full creative freedom whilst taking care of all the technical aspects: nightmares like 

  • database integration,
  • user permissions,
  • website hosting, 
  • e-commerce,
  • content management,
  • e-mail integration,
  • and much more. 
neatComponents in a nutshell - your life becomes less boring and better paid

You buy a single program - neatComponents - that you install on a Windows server which enables you to  sell a service to lots of customers.

  • The service is integrated website building and website hosting with full site-by-site content management.
  • neatComponents empowers you by making difficult tasks easy and tedious jobs quick to do. 
  • And it manages your billing and credit control for you as well.

What more could you want? 

Let your existing clients update their own sites, whilst you work with new ones

It's always more profitable - and fun - to be working on new projects, but existing clients need constant attention too. neatComponents allows you to let clients make changes to their sites themselves. It protects them from the technical aspects like HTML, and also from inadvertantly destroying templates and site furniture. What's more, the increased immediacy and control this gives them over the site enables you to sell this aspect as a premuim feature. This allows you to effectively charge them for making changes to their own site. Meanwhile, you can concentrate on new clients, and new revenue streams. 

And always get paid on time

Your neatComponents software doesn't just provide an editing interface, but also runs the hosting too. So it knows how busy sites are, and can run charging plans for you: you can charge flat-rate monthly amounts, or be creative and charge in proportion to site usage (a good plan, since sites tend to get busier over time). The system keeps track of all this, and emails your clients when they owe you money, allows them to pay online, into your PayPal or similar account, and if they don't pay, encourages them to do so by suspending their site. All this without you having to lift a finger. No awkward phone calls, no excuses.  

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Executive summary

The nC system does not require any programming at all. You are protected from complexity: the nC system cannot be broken.

  • There is no programming: your life becomes less boring and better paid 
  • Don't sweat the hard stuff - we've already done it 
  • Let your existing clients update their own sites, whilst you work with new ones 
  • And always get paid on time.