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ISPs Hosting and SaaS 
ISPs and Hosting Companies

neatComponents is a single software suite that installs on a Windows server in a conventional way to provide an integrated website content management and website hosting solution: neatComponents is unique in that the system is designed for website hosting companies or server owners to sell websites, intranets and extranets created using the neatComponents system as a service whilst owning the neatComponents license outright as well as offering it as an product for installation on Servers.

To provide SaaS - Software as a service

An alternative to 'just' reselling neatComponents licenses is to create installations for your own use as a reseller, where you sell neatComponents websites as a Service to your customers.

Server owners and network providers installing neatComponents on their machines have an immediate 'added-value' to the service on offer. In addition to bare-bones service provision they can offer website hosting with full content management. Each site fully independent of each other - with a complete account-suite to manage billing, account limits, warning emails - and credit-control with auto suspension if necessary. neatComponents is fully rebrandable: all the logos and dialog references can be replaced with your own.

  • Offer SaaS (software-as-a-service) by providing neatComponents to web designers in your area.
  • Their websites hosted on your server.
  • Full usage metering, automatic billing and credit control.
  • Website Hosting - Unlimited domains: just one license
  • Simple per-server licensing. Discounts for additional servers.
  • Fully re-brandable   Low start-up cost  Complete hosting system 
  • Resell your own brand of hosted content managed websites - set your own pricing

neatComponents as a Service enables a single installation of the software on your server to be accessed by users who don't themselves have to install or maintain the software. This greatly reduces their startup costs - eliminating the usual high costs of licensing, re-upping and patching conventional software.

Conventional Reselling

ISPs and Hosting companies can become Resellers of full neatComponents licenses for their customer's to install on their Servers. There are no additional software licenses to purchase, and neatComponent licensing costs are affordable. The engine will install on a standard Windows server with Internet access, and each server can host many websites.

Providing true Content Management Systems to end-users is an excellent way to increase your revenue without capital expenditure, and by increasing your service provision to your customers, put clear water between you and your competition.  

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Executive summary

Offer SaaS (software-as-a-service)
Provide neatComponents to web designers in your area: their websites hosted on your server.

Charge for hosting on a monthly, bandwith or page-hit basis. Accept payment by credit card. Each website is independent and has a complete Content Management System.

For Software Resellers & VARs

Resell your own brand of hosted content managed websites - set your own pricing.

neatComponents offers attractive resale discounts to Value Added Resellers who want to bundle neatComponents with hardware (server and networking) sales to create complete installations.

In the ever more competitive hardware business being able to include the high level functionality that neatComponents provides will give a significant sales advantage.