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Blog application 

A complete blog application - for free!

There are three good reasons why we give you a complete,  blogging system to use in your neatComponents installation:

1 - It is really useful

We have created a 'best-in-show' blog system for you to use yourself, in your company or organization, or anywhere you like. Now you can host your own blog, control your own data and be master of your own domain.

You can install it as many times as you like on as many servers as you like. You can change it, mold it to your taste and add in any other functionality you like. Enjoy!

2 - Proof of concept

This blog system is an introduction to the scale and flexibility possible. neatComponents is designed to take you all the way to your destination, without scripting or coding, and without compromising style, design or utility.

3 - Style and Design Guidance

All the website descriptions and knowledgebase articles cannot compare to seeing a full scale commercial quality web application created in neatComponents. We invite you to examine how the application has been put together, and use this as a design pattern for your own, original application developments.


Getting started with your blog application...

Blog application 
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