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Full configuration control over the e-commerce engine
neatComponents provides full control over catalog building and the system provides e-commerce, including shopping cart facilities. neatComponents interfaces to online payment gateways such as Worldpay and PayPal and Authorize.

The ecommerce system also handles taxable items and variable shipping costs.

Order acknowledgement and fulfillment-request emails  are automatically generated, and onscreen invoices minimize the administrative overheads. 



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 E-commerce engine  Structured content  E Marketing manager
  • Payment integration
  • Multiple Sales Taxes
  • Shipping Cost integration
  • Stock control 
    - Hold-in-cart
    - Race-to-checkout
  • Affilliate schemes
  • Send-a-friend
  • Wish-lists


  • Catalogs of over 10,000,000 products
  • Catalogs of over 10,000,000 sections
  • Display products within a specified date range
  • Define choices and attributes for each product
  • Data export
  • Booking Systems
  • User management


  • Subscribe To Page
  • Channels (mass emailing)
  • News
  • Document Downloader
  • News Feed

Asset Manager

  • Image Uploader
  • Links Manager
  • Picture Library
  • File Library 

Email integration

  • Emails to customer


Collaboration Tools

No more headaches for IT departments of yet another set of files to deploy, upgrade, and test. Your administrative and support costs are greatly reduced. 

Discussion Forum (User-to-user) - Email Page/Send-a-friend (User-to-user) - User blog (moderated or open) - User wiki (moderated or open) - Product promotion emails (Site owner to Users)

Executive summary
In Brief:
E-commerce Engine
Fully configurable and customizable

Unstructured pages

Structured catalogs

E Marketing Manager

Asset Manager

Collaboration Tools

Associate schemes