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Online no-code database and Application Development Platform - Cloud or On Premise

neatComponents is a powerful, easy to use, fully integrated application builder platform with wrap-around CMS for creating business applications complete with customer-facing web & mobile environments - all without coding.

neatComponents is designed to be used by the whole Business Team enabling them to create web and data applications themselves without having to write code. These applications can align your processes to get the best out of Big Data systems, and in their own right can help you build better products, amaze your customers and give you better control over your business. You need to get your business processes online, in a robust, affordable and attractive way: neatComponents gets you there.  PaaS, Purchase, PAYG and Free, there is a license for every budget.

neatComponents combines online database software with the best application creation system for fast, easy application creation without coding. Marketing and Creatives can work directly on the same application within branding bounds. The Corner Office can more easily manage multiple development strands.
neatComponents is also about controlling access. It provides a robust and secure platform - a Private Cloud - to give you total control over who controls your data and who has access. 


Control costs:  reduce your cost of labor.
neatComponents is designed to enable all team members to safely create and deploy complete robust and reliable business applications themselves using their existing skill-set. This reduces the need for outsourcing and means existing development teams can be deployed more efficiently.



 No-code integrated application development 


Integrated user and role management with unlimited levels of permission allow you to securely deploy your business process applications with fine-grain control


Applications can be created as stand alone services for internal or external use or deployed as full for profit SaaS services with automated accounting services.


The completely integrated database system enables full team working. DevOps perfection: creatives, app builders and admin can work safely without barriers.


Rapid website development & hosting environment enables direct use by Marketing for microsites. The Theme and Template systems protect your core brand values.



Turnkey Private Cloud Platforms

Enterprise services

Bringing business processes online gives you access to great management efficiencies and the ability to work with data in new and exciting ways. But it also brings serious worries about security and business continuity. If your data is held in the Cloud how do you know who has access to the data? Where is it stored ? 

neatComponents makes robust Private Cloud hosting and management available to every organization in an easily managed and affordable package. Your data - your security - without compromises.


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Users & Permissions

User Group Manager 

User Registration

Access Codes & Agreements

Personalizing Experience

Managing Profiles



SaaS Server

SaaS Site Manager

SaaS Client Accounting

SaaS Templates & Clones

SaaS Self Service

Associates System 



User Editable pages

CSS Editor

Editing Pages

Direct URLs

Using Javascript & JQuery

Content Approval & Workflow



Key Concepts


Understanding Embeds

Site Building

Themes System

Seo Optimization

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