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Create websites quickly - simple drag & dropWatch video

Content management: easy to use Direct entry for simple sites.

Navigation - Automatic, self-
managing. Permission aware.

... with no specialist skills or
technical knowledge.

Develop & host sites ... 


Manage Users - allow editing and still keep control. Watch video

Unlimited Users & User Groups control page and site access.

Approval controls & workflow locking govern user access.

... fine-grain User permissions:
page-by-page; item-by-item.

Manage users ... 


Control website appearance & make your own templates. Watch video

Content management: data-entry forms structure complex sites.

Email integration: 'on event', submission forms & responses.

... highly scalable - no client licences. Low training costs. 

Manage content ...


Input Forms give fast data integration & no code-writing. Watch video

Data Queries - advanced display using just basic database skills.

Full E-commerce - stock control, carts, shipping, tax and payment.

... all without outsourcing or increasing your labor costs.

Manage data ...


neatComponents™ is the web development platform that makes it simple to build, manage, host and bill multiple websites and build and manage complex data-driven websites. It also creates websites with full Content Management: all without specialist knowledge or database skills.

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Sell web-hosting with site by site Content Management Watch video

Provide SaaS (Software as a Service) from your hardware

Automatic metering, billing and custom charging plans.

... new income streams from minimal investment.

Reseller Opportunities ...



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