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Professional example

Each page on the example has links that direct here, where we provide a brief context of what is being demonstrated and onward links to the Support and Knowledgebase documentation Each page also has Design Notes that are visible from the floating toolbox when you are logged in.

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Building Table relationships and displaying data 

1 - how to build relationships between Tables using Queries and Using 'Multi-record Links' and Table Joins.

2 - how to manage automatically created Direct URLS - user and SEO friendly

3 - how to create database derived navigation with Navigation Overrides

Tables, queries and embeds are important tools in application development.
We provide detailed worksheets and a downloadable example for you to explore.

See: Data Examples: Table-joins

Information page
Working with:
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Admin page
Use of Data Entry Forms to add and edit Members and Specialties used in the 'Who we are' and 'What we do' pages.
Introduction to the User Management Controls and Configuration section holding the Components.
Professional example 
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