Get neatComponents for Enterprise users 

Enterprise & Private Cloud

Reduce costs, empower staff and manage security with one integrated platform created to transition from desktop to Big Data. neatComponents has been designed from the top down to make the creation of corporate business applications quick to build and easy to manage without being a major drain on staffing or financial resources. Eliminate Outsourcing and Off-shoring: neatComponents helps keep the development cycle in-house so communication is optimized and costs and development time are reduced. neatComponents  takes care of the technical aspects which you'd normally need a programmer to handle. 

 Get neatComponents for SMB Users 


neatComponents and its sister package 'clearString' is the fastest and easiest way to convert your existing business processes from stand-alone systems, or even paper-based systems, to fully integrated database driven applications that can be accessed on your network or across the Internet. Rapidly build custom work-flows and reporting, with complete flexibility of process design and flow. Anyone can create data-driven business web (and mobile) applications without coding or programming. Non-technical users can create apps themselves. Full dedicated support is available direct or via your Business Consultant. 

 Get neatComponents for Web Developers and Business Consultants 

Developers & Business Consultants

neatComponents was created for commercial Web Design and Development: Move up from standard websites to creating Internet presences that incorporate user-management, custom e-commerce, integrated order processing, custom CRM processes, blogging, and social media and to create novel and unique applications without having to compromise on graphic design.  Business Consultants: create your own suite of business applications as solutions to your clients' problems and provide them as a software service for your own customers to expand your reach and capitalize on your experience and expertise.

 Get neatComponents for VARs 

SaaS for VARs & Hosting Companies

Provide neatComponents as a service to web designers in your area: their websites hosted on your servers. Charge for hosting on a monthly, bandwith or page-hit basis.  Each website is independent and has a complete Content Management System.

Hosting Companies

Their websites hosted on your servers. Full usage metering, automatic billing, payment and credit control. Simple per-server licensing.

Website hosting - unlimited domains per server: just one license. Discounts for additional servers.
Fully re-brandable. Low start-up cost. Complete SaaS system: resell your own brand of hosted content managed websites and set your own pricing. 



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Managing Data


Referential Integrity 

Data Entry Forms

Queries and Views

Custom Views



Users & Permissions

User Group Manager 

User Registration

Access Codes & Agreements

Personalizing Experience

Managing Profiles



SaaS Server

SaaS Site Manager

SaaS Client Accounting

SaaS Templates & Clones

SaaS Self Service

Associates System 



User Editable pages

CSS Editor

Editing Pages

Direct URLs

Using Javascript & JQuery

Content Approval & Workflow



Key Concepts


Understanding Embeds

Site Building

Themes System

Seo Optimization

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