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  For on premises installation
  neatComponents is the platform that powers clearString
  Install onto your own suitable server (PC, virtual or EC2).
  Full unlimited Enterprise license. Installation advice...


Main Features

Number of 'seats' & 'editors'Unlimited 
Integrated server & SQL database 
Integrated management suite 
Integrated application development 
Integrated multi-user design  
Integrated e-commerce engine 
Production environments & websitesUnlimited 
Unlimited application complexity 
Unlimited number of users & records 
Unlimited database query capacity 
Unlimited page views per hour 
Data-center Site-Creator controls 
Usage metering for SaaS provision 
Integrated billing & credit control 
Optional email-server bundle 
Technical supportEmail, 12 x 5 
Premium support available 
neatComponents Enterprise is licensed per server (not per core).




Managing Data


Referential Integrity 

Data Entry Forms

Queries and Views

Custom Views



Users & Permissions

User Group Manager 

User Registration

Access Codes & Agreements

Personalizing Experience

Managing Profiles



SaaS Server

SaaS Site Manager

SaaS Client Accounting

SaaS Templates & Clones

SaaS Self Service

Associates System 



User Editable pages

CSS Editor

Editing Pages

Direct URLs

Using Javascript & JQuery

Content Approval & Workflow



Key Concepts


Understanding Embeds

Site Building

Themes System

Seo Optimization

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