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Mobile-friendly Example trial

This example demonstrates how to create applications that  display well on both desktop and mobile.

  • Use this to explore how to add these functions to your own sites, or
  • Use this site as a starting point for your sites

In this site you'll discover how to be:

  • Responsive - changing depending on the
    width of the window
  • Adaptive - changing based on the particular device

We cover creating mobile menus, using shared or different content on pages, and how to use themes to manage styling.

You can customise this framework to add in the personalisation and functionality you need for your particular purpose.

The architectural approaches describes have been designed to make it easy to retro-fit them to your existing sites, and to minimize the overhead as you maintain your sites in the future.




clearString Applications: Contact Forms, Contact Management, Mailing Lists, URL Shorteners, Knowledgebase Systems, Store Locator, Business Report Creator, CRM System, and much more...Data Applications - ready to use

Forms and Reports
This site contains a series of example Applications
that show how to solve common database tasks
starting from simple Contact Management onward.
Collect data - Analyse - Control - Report
These examples also show how to create multi-platform
applications customized by you to solve the unique
problems your organization has - without manual coding!
Data Import
Examples of data import techniques show you how to
move your existing data currently held on desktops into
dynamic new applications for web & mobile use
Discover about Managing Data in Data Integration >



Base Site trial

This has minimal existing styling, making it ideal to use
as the basis of your new data application project. All seamlessly integrated with a website.

This example can also be used with the 'A First Site' tutorial designed to get you up and running with your first application or web site as quickly as possible.



Professional CMS Site Example trial

Full of ideas to see how you can use the system,
this is ideal to play with before getting started
with your own project, with a 'membership
data application' integrated with a website.

Complete and ready to use with styling 

This trial has worked examples with annotation to
introduce the concepts you will want to use to create
data driven web sites

• Multi-user CMS - workflow lock & content approval
• jQuery integration - front page image slider
• Ajax transitions - update page data without reload
• Data integration - embed table data onto web pages 
• Table Joins - query data across multiple tables
• Actions-on-events - auto-post email or Tweets

• and more...   See live preview...See live preview.

Tip: This trial structure has been designed for easy
reuse as a website for a Medical, Legal or Professional
office. Just change the images and adjust the content.



Other options

Free installable applications are available for download. See more...See live preview.


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