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Our release policy is to release a new version as soon as we have new functionality ready for production use. We don't  'save up' lots of changes and new features for a 'big' release. This way you get to use the latest software as soon as we have fully tested it, and it saves you from having to catch up with lots of changes at one time.

The release notes below highlight recent functional changes to the system. Other changes that don't affect the way you use the system (such as efficiency gains) are not normally noted, to keep the list as clear as possible. Updates are always backwards compatible with existing sites. Find out how to upgrade here.

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23 November 2017
Shopping cart - discounts 
Ability to configure 'cheapest in group free' (buy one get one free) type discount offers
Build: 68738


23 November 2017
Send SMS messages 
Ability to send SMS text messages via Twilio
Build: 68738


14 November 2017
Query styling - conditional formatting 
Conditional formatting, allowing fields to be styled based on the value of fields.
Build: 68693


14 November 2017
Layout Elements 
Add the ability to create fixed position Layout Elements (where they stay fixed on the viewport when the page scrolls behind them).
Build: 68693


14 November 2017
Style dialog - Custom CSS 
Add a Custom tab to allow for any CSS to be added.
Build: 68693


14 November 2017
Text Editor - styling 
Add a style dialog for DIV elements for easy styling.
Build: 68693


22 August 2017
Field level file storage 
Option to choose between record-level and field-level storage for files and images stored within tables, for added security and asset separation.
Build: 68574


22 August 2017
Signature Pad 
Capture signatures with pen/touch input on tablets and mobiles, or via a mouse on desktop.
Build: 68574


24 July 2017
Mobile Styling 
Improved support for scaling background images for mobile device styling.
Build: 68493


24 July 2017
Collapsible Panels 
Improved Collapsible Panel interface, with ajax optimisations to increase speed on complex surfaces.
Build: 68493


24 July 2017
New Text Editor 
With improved drag and drop, object embedding and usability.
Build: 68493


16 August 2016
Data Import 
Added options for line separator character in CSV import.
Build: 57188


19 July 2016
EMScard payment processor 
Support for the EMSCard payment processor.
Build: 57007


11 July 2016
Site Upgrade facility 
Allowing sites to be intelligently upgraded.
Build: 56963


24 May 2016
Total View component 
Embeddable in the Surround component for use when embedding a query
Build: 56759


5 May 2016
Events - Parameters 
added the ability to define custom parameters when triggering one custom event from another.
Build: 56706


8 April 2016
Events - Duplicate record 
Added the option for the Trigger Table Record Event action to duplicate the current record and execute on the duplicate.
Build: 56559


15 March 2016
User Group Control 
Added flexibility to restrict users in one group controlled by another, as defined by a query, to facilitate SaaS service provision.
Build: 56461


23 February 2016
Two Factor Authentication 
Support for TOTP and HOTP OTP Two Factor Authentication for login and form submission.
Build: 56396


10 September 2015
Styles - new units 
Support for vw, vh, vmin, vmax units - useful for mobile devices.
Build: 56046

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