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We don't need nC ! Really? 
We don't need nC 

Four reasons why you are wrong when you think that neatComponents is not your essential website development system.

We don't need nC: We can program

Programming is expensive and time consuming, adding to cost and creating project delays, and it is a barrier to innovation. Read more ...

We don't need nC: We can Outsource

Outsourcing overseas is a nightmare of project management, massive security holes, missed deadlines, and un-met promises. Read more ...

We don't need nC: We can use Open Source solutions

'For profit' companies cannot simply create commercial websites using free, software without being in breach of the license. Read more ...

We don't need nC: We can use Google Gears

You lose control over your data: With Google or Amazon, your data is controlled by them,  ... and you still have to program. Read more... 

The Solution - neatComponents is different
neatComponents is different from any other solution you will have considered.
It uniquely brings together world-class content management, unlimited domain hosting and an integrated billing-system in one package - with full fine-grain permission controls and integrated emailing - all manageable without having to write a single line of code.

neatComponents will solve your problems, empowering your workforce (even if it is only you) and keep you in direct control. neatComponents solves all the problems that you face as a web developer, without having to employ additional specialist staff, or learn how to program. It will save you from web-hosting companies – and even keep track of the billing for you. Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. neatComponents is the result of years of development and use – try it yourself with a free trial


neatComponents is a complete website development system with the foundation of an integrated content-management, data-management and hosting-management engine. Any website designer can create and manage an unlimited number of websites, with all the features you could wish for: from simple content managed pages, through time-controlled publishing and content-approval to fully customizable e-commerce and complete website hosting and usage billing.

And a full, permanent license costs less than a fraction of the cost of just one ordinary graphic designer.

See how you can avoid the nightmare of Outsourcing: read about the benefits of neatComponents for:

An individual starting a web design business
A professional web designer wishing to grow the business
An established web design house wanting to expand and save costs

Executive summary

In Brief:

A complete Website Development System used to create an unlimited number of independent websites, Intranets or Extranets - each with independent secure management.

Unlike ordinary Internet development tools and simplistic Content Management Systems, the nC system does not require any programming at all. You are protected from complexity: the nC system cannot be broken.

One program - one license - everything covered

Website Designer or
Service Provider

Build websites with full content management, forms, email integration and data-driven pages, including catalogs and payment systems without any programming.

Host your websites, copy whole sites, create your own house-templates and have a fully automatic billing system to charge your customers.

will transform your business