Reseller opportunities

As a Service Provider -SaaS

Read about reselling neatComponents powered websites as a service direct to your own customers here

As a Software Reseller - VAR

We offer attractive opportunities to Value Added Resellers who want to distribute neatComponents or bundle neatComponents with hardware (server and networking) sales to create complete installations.

neatComponents is an ideal product to resell to web designers. It is easy to sell, and highly profitable.

As a reseller you have the opportunity to profit from four income streams:

  • neatComponent licenses – we give you a generous commission, both on initial sales, and on annual renewals.
  • Support contracts – where you provide helpdesk and developer support - with escalation support freely available from us.
  • Consultancy – where you take on development of sophisticated aspects of sites for client designers.
  • Hosting – where you provide dedicated servers running the neatComponents software.

You can either just resell neatComponents, or, more usually, combine reselling with using the software yourself for you own client projects. That way you get to leverage your in-house developer's skills; effectively giving you the support-desk function for free.

Reselling neatComponents allows you to profit from a wider geographic market than you could by just developing sites directly for end-users. You are able to tap in to other designers' local networks and existing client-bases, all without having to spend time away from the office.

Reselling neatComponents is a profitable business for you.

A wide range of clients

You can sell neatComponents to designers of all sizes. In the following pages we detail the compulsive business cases you can put forward that apply to:

Individuals thinking of starting a web design business
Professional web designers trying to grow their business
Owners of established web design houses trying to expand and save costs

To apply to be a neatComponents reseller please contact us

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