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neatComponents removes the barriers keeping your new web presence from becoming a reality  -  by removing costly and time consuming programming.

Go straight from concept to completion.  Cut site creation time and costs by 90%

neatComponents changes everything: broad scope with deep integration


  • Easy large-scale web development.
  • Fast small scale web development.
  • Integrated email and Tweeting.
  • Easily manage data structures.
  • Build websites with self managing navigation.
  • Full Content Management & publication control.
  • Comprehensive User Management.
  • E-commerce engine with payment integration.

What is neatComponents?

neatComponents is a sector defining Windows software Platform for website development. It is a unique toolbox of encapsulated components for creating and managing all sorts of websites from a simple single-pager to the most sophisticated e-commerce or data-management website. neatComponents provides full back-end customization with complete control over all aspects from page design to form creation and calculations. It is a fully integrated platform - not a mash-up of opensource software - and installs from a single download.

nC - Layout ManagerneatComponents has been designed to bring your projects to completion in days, not months. There is no coding, no programming and it is still fully flexible - without requiring creative compromises. It is not a mash-up of Open Source coding - so there are no licensing worries. It has been made from the ground-up so that components always work - there is no debugging thousands of lines of code and you never have to worry about interpreting code when staff turnover.


Component based
The system is component based, with each component configured from control panels. Each website has its own Layout Manager, and its own access permissions.
Website building is a simple drag-and-drop from the 'store' of components into position on the site tree. Workflow-locking and Approval Controls keep you in control. 

You will not need to employ additional staff for 'back-office' database support.

nC - Query examplePowerful tools
neatComponents provides dozens of discrete components to enable and control all aspects of web development: Input Forms, Data Feeds, Multiple data types - all with Standard or Secure storage. Navigation, CSS and full CMS plus many other functions are automatic.

Data is structured on an exposed relational database with data queries, data joins and form links. The Form-Query-View system allows the construction of multiple data-entry pages with tight display control. Ajax transitions are inherent.

Email integration via a built-in mail server provides automatic form field embedding, Email-on-Event and on-Delay with direct Twitter support. Data is stored centrally, so there are no version-control problems. Record-locking is automatic.

Retain control of your data
As neatComponents is hosted on your own machines you never lose control of your data. You don't need to worry about hosted services stopping or suddenly changing their rates or terms of use. neatComponents means that you are always in control.

Show me how neatComponents worksWebsite designers 
neatComponents provides powerful data handling tools, based on a relational database model. There is no limit to the quantity or complexity of the data structures. All components are configured from control panels - there is no code debugging to do. Advanced features allow for the efficient presentation of vast amounts of information, and tools provide elegant handling of hierarchical data structures.

Business Users
neatComponents doesn't need skilled programmers that are hard to find and are a hassle to manage. Outsourcing to contract workers or overseas can consume more management time that you have available. neatComponents means you don't need the expensive staff you thought you did.  There are flexible licensing options, including pay-as-you-go. 

Cut site creation time & costs by 90% 
It is not that neatComponents enables you to something which is otherwise impossible, it is that it makes it fast and profitable ... and that's the difference between making websites as a hobby and as a business. 

Without compromising 
All without compromising on the visuals or esthetics of the website. neatComponents naturally separates data handling from the visual appearance of the site. So sites can be redesigned without reworking the data-management ... and sites can be easily cloned for highly profitable site replication.

neatComponents changes everything





neatComponents is a fully formed, comprehensive web development system that will cope with almost any web based scenario. So let's start at the beginning ...

You can also learn more about neatComponents Features in Functionality and learn more about the Business Cases for neatComponents in Verticals