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Collapsible Panel 

An unlimited number of Collapsible Panels may be embedded on a Surface.

The Collapsible Panel component must first be added to the Site Tree, and then they will be available to be embedded in the normal way.
For most purposes it is only necessary to add one Collapsible Panel component to th e site. It may then be embedded independently on
multiple different surfaces.

Three editable surfaces are available. Title (Open) and Title (Closed) allow the open and closed titles to be different - for example having a [+] and [-]
or custom expansion indicator.

The Content surface is the editable surface for the panel content. This surface inherits the capabilities of the host surface - so, for example, if the
Collapsible Panel, is embedded onto a Data Entry Form then it has available to it the same embeds as the parent surface.

The Collapsible Panels can be Styled using the Behavior Editor | Pages dialog as shown.


The Collapsible Panel is configured from the Floating Tool box, and can be Styled from its Behavior Editor.