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We don't need nC ! Really? 
We don't need nC: We use Open Source 

We don't need nC: We can use Open Source solutions

The myth of OpenSource is that it saves you money. It's a myth because although you don't pay anything for the software, it doesn't save you time. And time for any employer is the most expensive commodity that there is. OpenSource is fine if you are building websites as a hobby, but if you are a commercial website developer - large or small scale - you need neatComponents.

Open Source solutions require that you stitch together complex programs, written by disparate groups of enthusiasts, often with little regard as to whether they will 'play prettily' together. Even coding experts can get frustrated with the whole mess.

On my PC, I am running a recent version of Ubuntu, but even then getting Django and mod_python working happily together is non-trivial. They definitely need to integrate with apt-get and Ubuntu (which seems to be the growing standard for Linux distributions) so that getting Django up and running is more painless -- I have a feeling they have lost a few developers who gave up after fighting with mod_python and mod_rewrite for an hour.      
Writes an expert on using Django

neatComponents, then engine behind clearString, is not based on open-source software. It is coded from the base up for commercial use as an easy to install deeply integrated Windows package. And if you think that doesn't matter - simply read this review about using Drupal, or this one about the security issues of using Joomla! in a commercial setting.

With neatComponents all of these issues - and more - are covered.

Legal worries

The legal climate has changed and 'for profit' companies cannot simply create commercial websites using free, open source, software without being in breach of the license terms:

Two recent (2008) events should give for-profit companies new reasons to re-evaluate the ways in which they use open source software as well as the extent to which they use it. These events are: (1) the release of a new version of the widely used license that covers such software, i.e., the General Public License version 3, and (2) a round of lawsuits filed by the Software Freedom Law Center against for-profit companies using the software for commercial gain. 
Read the full article ...  

Also read: Open Source law suits    and    Open Source: Far from free

neatComponents is not based on open-source software. It is coded from the base up for commercial use, and your license to use neatComponents protects you.

The clearString Solution - neatComponents is differentneatComponents is different from any other solution you will have considered. It uniquely brings together world-class content management, unlimited domain hosting and an integrated billing-system in one package - with full fine-grain permission controls and integrated emailing - all manageable without having to write a single line of code.


neatComponents will solve your problems, empowering your workforce (even if it is only you) and keep you in direct control. neatComponents solves all the problems that you face as a web developer, without having to employ additional specialist staff, or learn how to program. It will save you from web-hosting companies – and even keep track of the billing for you. Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. neatComponents is the result of years of development and use – try it yourself with a free trial





neatComponents is a complete website development system with the foundation of an integrated content-management, data-management and hosting-management engine. Any website designer can create and manage an unlimited number of websites, with all the features you could wish for: from simple content managed pages, through time-controlled publishing and content-approval to fully customizable e-commerce and complete website hosting and usage billing.

And a full, permanent license costs less than a fraction of the cost of just one ordinary graphic designer.


Executive summary

In Brief:

A complete Website Development System used to create an unlimited number of independent websites, Intranets or Extranets - each with independent secure management.

Unlike ordinary Internet development tools and simplistic Content Management Systems, the nC system does not require any programming at all. You are protected from complexity: the nC system cannot be broken.

One program - one license - everything covered

Website Designer or
Service Provider

Build websites with full content management, forms, email integration and data-driven pages, including catalogs and payment systems without any programming.

Host your websites, copy whole sites, create your own house-templates and have a fully automatic billing system to charge your customers.

will transform your business