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Using Abstracts for content congruency 

One of the recurring issues with Alternate Pages is how to keep the content on the two pages synchronised.

In some cases, particularly if the content is being rephrased and summarised for the mobile pages, there are no short-cuts, and the material must be managed manually. However if the content is the same, but only the styling is different, then you can use a technique with Abstracts to maintain content for a pair of pages centrally.

This method is built upon the Alternate Pages method, and so assumes you have a triplet of pages like this:

Main Page
- Desktop Page
- Mobile Page

While the Main Page is shown in the site navigation, visitors who click on it are immediately diverted to the appropriate child page. The Main Page is therefore normally blank.

However we can place content in one of the Main Page's Abstracts, and then pull it from there into the two child pages.


Select an Abstract on the Main Page, and enter your content there.

On each of the child pages, edit the page surface, and Embed the Abstract, Level 1.


You can use either "Abstract 1" or "Abstract 2", so if you are already using one for another purpose within the site, use the other for this.

Level 1 means one level up the site tree, so tells the system to use the content in the parent "Main Page" rather that level 0 which would take the Abstract from the child page itself.

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