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Our release policy is to release a new version as soon as we have new functionality ready for production use. We don't  'save up' lots of changes and new features for a 'big' release. This way you get to use the latest software as soon as we have fully tested it, and it saves you from having to catch up with lots of changes at one time.

The release notes below highlight recent functional changes to the system. Other changes that don't affect the way you use the system (such as efficiency gains) are not normally noted, to keep the list as clear as possible. Updates are always backwards compatible with existing sites.

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27 February 2023
Named Parameters 
Extended support for the 'shorthand' syntax for importing and exporting Named Parameter embeds in rich text fields.
Build: 84015


27 February 2023
Support for capturing images (either directly from the user's camera - typically if using a cellphone) or from their gallery of existing photos directly into a Data Entry Form image field.
Build: 84015


17 January 2023
Options to manually control field indexing in tables.
Build: 83877


13 December 2022
Table flags 
Tables can be flagged as Structural and Heavy, affecting how they are treated in site Upgrades and Exports
Build: 83806


9 November 2022
Custom View - Styling for fields 
Provides an easy way to style fields, using explicit, themed, or even values from the query fields to define the styles.
Build: 83653


9 November 2022
Component embed 
This embed allows the content from one component's surface to be embedded on another text surface.
Build: 83653


9 November 2022
Query embeds - loading indicators 
Until now, when a query is ajaxed in, there has not been a loading indicator for the initial load - just for subsequent transitions. This now provides the indicator for the initial load, together with flexibility over its appearance.
Build: 83653


4 October 2022
Image location data 
The system now reads EXIF data to offer the latitude, longitude and altitude of an image as sub fields.
Build: 83541


4 October 2022
Query embeds - responsive layout options 
New layout options to make creating responsive sites for mobile more flexibly.
Build: 83541


25 August 2022
Query by Example Component 
This new component allows very flexible search interfaces to be constructed. Previously, queries had a Query by Example surface associated with them. While that still exists, the new Query by Example component is standalone and more powerful and recommended to be used instead. This can be used to control the records shown from multiple embedded queries, and multiple QBE components can be embedded on the same page working together. Triggering is by ajax, so there is no full page request required, and triggering can be done on keypress, rather than waiting for the user to click a Submit button. The Query by Example fields can also listen to ajax calls themselves, and use this to narrow the selection of options being presented to the user. This allows for rich product catalog searches interfaces to be constructed.
Build: 83427


9 November 2021
SMS Provider Data Feed 
Enables greater management of SMS integration
Build: 82859


9 November 2021
Update Action - query output option 
Event action to store the output of a query view (rather than just a single query field) in a table field.
Build: 82859


7 October 2021
Named Parameter system 
Enhanced flexibility to pass information between pages and events.
Build: 82685


28 July 2021
Ecommerce management tools 
Interface to allow manual adjustment of completed ecommerce transactions.
Build: 82435


5 July 2021
Dynamic QueryByExample 
New query interface allowing search form to remain to view while showing results.
Build: 82343


4 May 2021
Calendar View 
Improved UI with paging via AJAX rather than reloading whole page. Displays loading indicator while waiting for reload.
Build: 82205


6 April 2021
Improved Data Import functionality 
More flexible options for Data Import.
Build: 82150


16 February 2021
CSV file creation options 
Ability to format and create CSV files more flexibly, and store them for future processing.
Build: 81928


8 February 2021
FTP Client support 
A set of client-side capability to connect to FTP / SFTP / FTPS sites, downloading and uploading files.
Build: 81903


5 January 2021
Email attachments 
Outbound emails can support attached files (rather than just links to hosted files).
Build: 81719

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