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Using charging plans to manage recurring fees 

One of the important aspects of providing a hosting service is managing the calculation and collection of the recurring fees.

Naturally there are many different charging schemes that can be envisaged, and different clients may be set up on different schemes. To manage this, the system allows 'Charging Plans' to be defined. Each site can then have a charging plan assigned to it.

The charging plan has access to the usage logs, so if desired, the charging plan can be based on bandwidth. alternatively, a flat rate scheme can be used.

Having calculated what to charge, the charging plan posts this amount as a debit on the site owner's account. (The 'site owner', in this case, being the reseller's customer.)

The system is designed with 'zero-administration' management in mind, so that for example the system is set up to allow charging plans to be automatically changed en-masse at scheduled future points in time, without having to individually edit each site's settings.

Reselling sites (SaaS) 
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