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Understanding Database Management in Web Application Creation

This application is designed to demonstrate using clearString neatComponents as a solution to series of common 'real world' application development problems. 

What's in the Download

The solution is presented as a mico-website for an organization with multiple members, each of whom have multiple specialties. It is designed to be read in conjunction with the background information on neatComponents Data IntegrationIt is available for download for installation into your own neatComponents - available for free here...

What does it do?
The problem to be solved is that the membership of the organization can change over time and so the specialties that the organization offers also changes. The application allows for a visitor to browse the site either by Member or Specialty, and to be transferred from a Member  to learn more about the Specialty, and the other way around.

The information must be presented to the visitor in a consistent  format, and still be easy to change. The database derived navigation with Navigation Overrides provides a completely scalable solution as it automatically changes as Members or Specialties change.
Technical notes and Configuration advice are provided.

Law firms, medical practices, professional offices

Typical examples of usage would be Doctors offices where there are a number of doctors, each with a specialty. The visitor can browse by Doctor and find what specialties they offer, or browse by Specialty and find which doctor provides that service.

Similarly with a Law Firm - where there are members each of whom specializes in in a particular aspect of law, or for example an Architect's office - and so on...

We provide a usage example in the 'Professional example'

It will also be obvious that these relationships hold true for many other situations, where you have a changeable array of items (say, products) with related aspects (say, features). 


Tech notes, configuration, download and install...

Table Join example 
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