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Third Party Advertising 

There are numerous third-party advertising schemes available to integrate withyour neatComponents site.

Most operate in a similar way, in that they provide you with some script to insert on the pages of your site, which enables them to control the display of the adverts.

Behind the scenes, this usually works by defining an Iframe which calls a page hosted by the advertising company, so, strictly speaking, the adverts aren't actually on your pages, but visually that's how they appear.

You can instert the code they provide anywhere you see a Text Editor on the site - so apart from the obvious page body, you can place it in rich text fields of Forms, or in Text Zone in Layout Elements. Normally people use the Text Zones for this, as that way they can quickly control which pages the adverts appear on.

When pasting the script the advertiser provides into the Text Editor be sure to be in HTML source mode.

neatComponents provides a range of features, which used together, can help you integrate your own advertising system into your site.

Layout Elements

It makes good sense to place your adverts in a Layout Element. This provides you with control over which pages they appear on:

  • You can quickly adjust the 'Surround the page with' Layout Elements setting to determine which pages the adverts appear on, or embed one in the body of a particular page.
  • If you want to prevent adverts from showing to some users (perhaps they have paid you a fee to avoid having to see the adverts) you can use the Layout Element Permissions to prevent the Layout  Element from being shown to them.
  • You can control the timing of when the adverts are shown – so the adverts are shown for a few seconds before the page body is displayed.
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