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Installation Process 


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Be sure to download onto the machine you will be using!


Where to install

You can install onto a suitable computer. It may be one of the following:

and we discuss each option in the right-column of this page. 

How to install

neatComponents is a normal Windows installation, it is server software so you will need to be logged in as the system Administrator, and you may need to make some adjustments to the running services as explained below.

Administrator privileges 
You must have Administrator privileges on the machine.
Be sure you are logged in as Administrator before running the installer.

Internet Explorer - Protected Mode
If IE is running in Protected Mode you may find it more convenient to disable Protected Mode during the installation process (read how...) or to use Chrome or Firefox as your default browser.

The installation process is straightforward and should only take a few minutes.

You can see a preview of the Installation method here

Install neatComponents into the default location, and follow the wizard until the Installation is complete.

You will need to enter the Installation Id

      You can obtain an Installation ID here if you have not already got one.



Email address and Password

During the installation process you will be asked to enter an email address and create a password - you will use them later to get Administrator access to the Server Manager. 
Do not lose this information. For security reasons it cannot be recovered until you have created password recovery below.


Adjusting features

Depending on the role of the Server when it was created you will need to adjust some Windows features so that the installation can complete.

The installer will tell you if you need to do this, with a dialog like the one below. 

The actual adjustments you need to make may be different.

Making adjustments is straightforward.

Windows features adjustment
If you see a message: 'Sorry, neatComponents cannot install ...' that simply means that you need to turn-on (enable) some Windows features - it is explained here.  How to make feature adjustments

"Setup could not verify the integrity of the file Update.inf"
If you see this message, run the "Fix it for me" wizard on this Microsoft KB article.


Installation complete

As the installation completes you will be asked to set a Webmaster Username and Password:

This is the master access code for the system. Make a careful note of the username and password you select as for security reasons you may not be able to recover this password if you forget it.


You should then see the neatComponents Root Web Site 'Server Manager'  for your new Installation. 


Asking for login
If instead you are asked to login - you will need to ensure your browser is set to accept cookies (new Windows Servers can be locked down by default.) Adding the domain to the Trusted Sites zone solves this:

Internet options / Security tab / Trusted Sites / Sites button, then uncheck 'Require server verification...' and click Add

Getting back to the Server Manager
If you close the 'Server Manager' you can get back to the Root Web Site by going to Windows Start-menu, and selecting Root Web Site from the neatComponents entry.


Windows 2012
In Windows 2012 select the Apps view from the Start page (down arrow), and choose 'Root Web Site'


Congratulations - you have successfully installed neatComponents.



Next Steps

Set up Access

If you need assistance in accessing your neatComponents server, or websites that you have created see this section: See Setting up access


Configure the Email Service as soon as possible

Email service
neatComponents makes extensive use of email to transfer data, and also to provide a password recovery service.  You should configure the email service promptly after installing neatComponents. See Configuring email


Getting started using neatComponents

Follow the instructions at 'Just installed neatComponents? Read this first:' on the screen shown above and then the Quick Start will guide you through building your first site (click). 

Installing neatComponents 
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