Firewall settings

There must be a path from the Internet to the machine hosting neatComponents. 

We discuss setting up Router (NAT) access here, earlier in this section, and you must also ensure that the Windows firewall on the neatComponents machine is open on Port 80 for TCP


Windows Firewall


All Windows Firewalls are configured in a similar manner.

The example above is from W2008.

This dialog is found in the Windows Control Panel - Windows Firewall setting.

You can either allow a program through the Windows Firewall by locating neatComponents in the list of available exceptions, or you can add Port 80 individually from the [Add port...] button.


Software Firewalls and Anti-Virus

If you have additional software firewalls or anti-virus software on the machine you must also create exceptions within those programs to allow neatComponents to function correctly.

Setting up access