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Download & Install 

1 - Download

Download your Data example from this location: Example Data Usage.ncx

You will see that it is a file-type '.ncx'

Save the file to a convenient location.

2 - Install

Open the Server Manager on your neatComponents installation.

If no Users have been created, right-click on 'Child Sites',
and select Import Site from the context-menu.
You will be able to select the default User you created during installation.
A matching User will appear in the tree automatically.
Browse to the location you saved the ncx export-file, and import.

You can also create a new User who will 'own' the imported Blog System.
Select the 'Users' menu entry at the top of the page and follow the wizard to create your new user.
A matching entry will appear in the tree.
Right-click, and select Import Site from the context-menu

3 - Set the site access

Set the site access to the domain you want your new application to respond to - for example:    then leave the Server Manager.

You can now access the application directly from a regular browser session for configuration and use.

Configuration advice

1 - A reminder about installing neatComponents on a new machine...

2 - A reminder on how to access the neatComponents Server Manager...

3 - A reminder on how to set child-site access...

4 - Having difficulties with the import process? See Troubleshooting...

Getting started with data 
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