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Data example 

Getting started with Data  -  Book catalog example

This 'app' includes four basic examples of data manipulation and display. The examples have been assembled to give you a quick introduction to techniques and to give you a basis for exploring new components and methods of work.

Each example has been created to demonstrate particular aspects so you can clearly see how to put components together.

These are not exhaustive examples detailing all of the many controls each has available, and they only scratch the surface of the dozens of components that are available.

Everything you see from the page color to the navigation is fully customizable by you.

We provide other examples of fully functioning systems for you to download, but here it is like looking at a 'cut-away' model of a machine to highlight certain aspects.

Naming & Methods
The Naming & Methods section explains about access permissions, how the application is organized, and what components are. Continue...

The Construction section explains how the site is constructed and how the parts relate to each other. 

The Configuration section gives a detailed tutorial on how and why the components are configured as they are in this example. 

Download & Install
The Download & Install section details how to obtain the download of the example and how to install it. 


Managing complex data

Understanding table joins in complex data scenarios. Learn more: continue...


Further reading
Comprehensive documentation is provided in 'The Guide'.

Getting started with data 
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