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Quick-start Videos 

How it all works

Watch these 'How it works' videos. They explain how the neatComponents™ engine that powers clearString works. Then do it yourself using the step-by-step Walkthrough which will then become your own first site.

Getting started

The links in the following sections will each open a new page or tab on the Documentation site

 Part 1 - Drag-and-Drop App Building



  Text article Building a new app.  Go... Opens in new window

  Text article Adding  components.  Go... Opens in new window

  Text article Introduction to navigation.   Go... Opens in new window


Part 2 - Basic editing



  Text article Basic editing.    Go... Opens in new window

  Text article Adding images and links.   Go... Opens in new window

  Text article Working with the Source.   Go... Opens in new window


Part 3 - Layout elements




  Text article  Layout Elements.  Go... Opens in new window


 Part 4 - The Behavior Editor - CSS Control, Settings & Permissions



  Text article  How to set styles (CSS).  Go... Opens in new window

  Text article  Component Settings.  Go... Opens in new window

  Text article  Access Permissions.  Go... Opens in new window


  Part 5 - Data integration



  An introduction to the Embed tool:

  Text article  Starting Data Integration.   Go... Opens in new window

   Text article  Report Builder.   Go... 

   Text article  Data Handling.   Go... 

   Text article  Web Forms.   Go... 

   Text article  Email & more Integration.   Go... 

Also - Planning your site

The Order of Work - discover how best to plan your new site.  [Text articleText article] Go... Opens in new window


Advanced site building
On this page we are concentrating on how to create a basic app or site, but at any time these surfaces (web pages) can be used to receive embedded data-components just as easily as adding text or an image. 

We have extensive documentation on how to incorporate data into your websites to create custom applications in the main Documentation site.


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