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Graphics and Images 

neatComponents has been designed to separate content from appearance as much as possible.

This has many benefits:

  • it makes it easy to ensure consistency of imagery over an entire site
  • you can rapidly re-brand (re-skin) a site
  • you can easily convert a site into a template

To make this as simple as possible neatComponents manages graphics and images, including Flash and other animations, in two principle ways.

On page images

These are images that are added in-line on a specific page or other Component, Abstract or View using the Text Editor to upload the image for display directly on that individual page.
You can also use the Text Editor to upload an image to be used as a background-image in an HTML Table using the Text Editor or in DIVs when working direct in the page source.

Control of background images is available using the Style-attribute of the Component's Behavior Editor.

Changing this image only affects this particular Component.

Layout Element images

Layout Elements surround every component displayed, including pages, and you can control which Layout Elements are displayed for each component using the Behavior Editor.

Images contained in Layout Elements are therefore available to every component, so for example, a 'Top' Layout Element might contain the branding banner image.  This makes it very simple to ensure consistancy of display.

Changing the image in a Layout Element will change it for every instnace of that Layout Element. So, for example, a rebranding process can take place very easily.

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