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Account Transaction 

This action writes transaction records to the built-in financial account system.

The action can write an entry to one or two accounts at the same time, allowing account transfers to be made that take value from one 'source' account and place the same value in another 'destination' account.



Configuration Tab


Select a Query and Field that returns the currency in which the transaction is to be recorded.


Select a Query and Field that return the value of the transaction to be recorded.


Enter the date to be recorded against the transaction.

This can either be 'now' (optionally adjusted by an offset), or a date returned by a field from a Query.

Note: regardless of which date is chosen, the transaction will be recorded now (with the specified date against it). If you do not want the transaction to be recorded now, but at a later date, use an event Delay and place the Account Transaction action as a child action of the Delay.


Source account tab

Create source account transactions

This tab is optional. Check this setting to activate this tab.

Transaction type

Select the type of transaction explicitly, or choose a value returned by a Query

Note: By default Transaction Types are 'debit' and 'credit' but the list can be customised.

Select account

Choose whether the account is selected by account or by user:

By account

If the account is known, select 'By account'

Select the account from a Query

By user

If the user is known, select 'By user'

Select the user from a Query

Select the Account Type explicitly, or choose a value returned by a query

Note: By default there is one Account Type, 'default, but the list can be customised.


Select the description text from a Query


Optional. Select the comment text from a Query


Destination account tab

This tab operates in the same way to the Source account tab detailed above.


Queries tab

This tab contains the queries supporting the settings in the other tabs.


Usage notes

By definition, both the source and destination transactions share the same Currency, Date and Amount. If you need these to be different - for example where you are selling one currency into another, use two Account Transaction actions, and use the Source tab of one and the Destination tab of another.

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