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Trigger Table Record Event 

This action calls on another Table Event to be executed. This can be in the current Table or another Table. It can specify a particular record in the table to be executed against, or specify a set of records, or specify that a new record should be created there before execution.

Recursion is supported, in that the action can trigger the same event that it is in. To prevent unbounded recursion, the system maintains a record of the call stack depth, and prevents the trigger when the specified depth is exceeded.



Event tab


Choose the Table where the event will be triggered

This can be the same as the current Table, or a different one.


Choose the Event to be called

Trigger for


A new record

To create a new record in the table, and execute the event on this new record

All records

To trigger the event to be executed separately on each of the records in the destination table

Records using the field

Records from a query

To trigger the event to be executed separately on each of the records specified by the records returned by the specified query.

Note: When calling the event to be triggered on more than one record, you should not make any assumptions about the order in which they are executed.

Don't trigger when event call stack is greater than

This allows a limit to be placed on the depth of events calling events that call more events. The limit is necessary to prevent infinite recursion caused by mis-configuration, that would otherwise overwhelm the server.

Default: 20. This value is chosen to be high enough for most practical purposes whilst still protecting the server.


Event parameters tab

Parameters sub-tab

Default parameters

The Record ID of the current record is always passed in as an Event parameter to the called Event

Custom Parameters

Use the Add, Edit and Remove buttons to manage the list of custom event parameters passed to the called Event.

For each Custom Parameter:


Enter a name for the customer parameter

This should be alphanumeric, lowercase, without symbols or spaces



Custom Event Parameter

Enter the name of a custom event parameter that has been passed in to this event (and is now being passed forward to the called event)

Table field

Choose a field from the current record containing the value for the custom event parameter

Query field

Choose a query and field that returns the value for the custom event parameter

Queries sub-tab

This tab allows you to specify one or more queries in support of the values on the Parameters sub-tab

The underlying Queries must first be configured a Query components

Add, Edit and Remove buttons allow for queries to be added to the dialog. This does not affect the underlying Query components themselves, just their inclusion on this dialog.

Each entry here is shown as a Query Embed dialog

The options shown on this dialog is a simplified version of the general Query Embed dialog shown when embedding a Query on a text surface, with the following differences:

  • There is no need to specify a View.

  • On the Records tab, when specifying values, and dependent on the datatype involved, the list of parameters will also include as options:

    • Event Parameters
      These are parameters passed to the current event

    • Custom Event Parameter
      These are custom defined parameters passed to the current event

    • Current Record ID
      This is the record ID of the current record the condition is being executed within


Process Management 
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