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Record Criteria 

This allow evaluation of fields within the current record.


This dialog consists of two tabs: Criteria, and Queries

You must complete the Criteria tab. If a Value on the criteria tab is configured uses a Query, you must first configure the Queries tab to provide the query for the value to select from.


Criteria tab

This tab allows you to specify one or more criteria. The dialog initially provides a single column, with rows of Field, value and Value to be completed, as detailed below.

Add and Remove buttons allow columns to be added and removed.

If there are multiple columns configured, then they are evaluated as a logical 'and', ie all columns must evaluate true for the condition as a whole to be assessed as a true.

Note: If you need to create a logical 'or' instead, there are two alternatives techniques to use:

  • You can create two separate Record Criteria objects, one for each, and as child items of them place the same actions (note, unless the actions are trivial, you will wish to avoid duplicating them, so place the actions in a Custom Event, and place a Trigger action to call the Custom Event as the only child action below each of the Record Criteria objects).


  • You use a Query with an expression field to contain the 'or' logic, and then reference that query and field within a single Record Criteria object



Select from a list of the fields within the current table


The choice of operators shown is dependent on the datatype of the field selected earlier

  • Less than

  • Less than / equal to

  • Equal to

  • Great than / equal to

  • Greater than

  • Not equal to

  • Containing

  • Not containing

  • Match

  • Don't match


The choice of options shown is dependent on the datatype and operator selected earlier


Enter a value

Now adjusted by

Leave blank for 'now', the current time

Enter a negative number to look back in time

Enter a positive number to look forward in time

If a number was entered, select the unit of time this refers to, from:

  • Years

  • Months

  • Days

  • Hours

  • Minutes

  • Seconds

Table field

Select from a list of the fields within the current table

Query field

Select a query

Select a field returned from the query

Regular expression (shown if 'Match' or 'Don't match' selected as the Operator)

Application tab


Enter a short title describing the action of regular expression


Optional. Enter a longer description of the regular expression

Settings tab


Enter a Regular Expression pattern

Case insensitive

Check if the expression should be executed in a case insensitive way


Check if the expressions huld be evaluated as a multiline

Test tab


Enter a test value to be evaluated by the Regular Expression

The 'Pattern matched' will display 'true' or 'false'

Queries tab

This tab allows you to specify one or more queries in support of the values on the Criteria tab

The underlying Queries must first be configured in Query components

Add, Edit and Remove buttons allow for queries to be added to the dialog. This does not affect the underlying Query components themselves, just their inclusion on this dialog.

Each entry here is shown as a Query Embed dialog

The options shown on this dialog is a simplified version of the general Query Embed dialog shown when embedding a Query on a text surface, with the following differences:

  • There is no need to specify a View.
  • On the Records tab, when specifying values, and dependent on the datatype involved, the list of parameters will also include as options:
    • Event Parameters
      These are parameters passed to the current event
    • Custom Event Parameter
      These are custom defined parameters passed to the current event
    • Current Record ID
      This is the record ID of the current record the condition is being executed within




Process Management 
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