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Regular Expression 

This action uses a Regular Expression (regex) to transform the value from one field in the current record, and store it in another field.


Application tab


Enter a short title describing the action of regular expression


Optional. Enter a longer description of the regular expression

Input field

Select the field from the current record that contains the text to be processed by the regular expression.

Output field

Select the field from the current record that contains the field where the output will be stored.

Note: This can be the same as the input field

Convert field types

When the datatype of the input and output fields differ, choose whether the conversion is made before or after the regular expression is executed.


Settings tab


Enter a Regular Expression pattern

Case insensitive

Check if the expression should be executed in a case insensitive way


Check if the expression should find all matches (as opposed to stopping after the first match is found)


Check if the expression should be evaluated in a multiline mode


Select whether the expression should return:

Input replaced with the specified text

All matches

First number of matches specified


Test tab


Enter a test value to be evaluated by the Regular Expression

The 'Pattern matched' will display 'true' or 'false'


Usage notes

The Import and Export buttons allow the configuration of this dialog to be easily copied and reused.

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