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Using actions 


Create User

This action creates a user in the built-in user management system. (If configured to do so in the Log-in component, this will also trigger the sending of a welcome email to the new user.)

Learn more about the Create User action



This action sends emails. Emails can be sent to particular users, or to groups of users. Emails can be sent as plain text or with HTML formatting. Emails can contain fixed content, or dynamic content from tables, queries and views.

Learn more about the Email action


Data Import

This action triggers a Data Import component to execute its pre-configured import of data from an external source. This will trigger a Record Update events for each record imported. Records may be imported to a different Table or set of Tables to this one.

Learn more about the Data Import action


Account Transaction

This action writes transaction records to the built-in financial account system.

Learn more about the Account Transaction action


Clear Site Cache

This action purges the site-wide cache. This is useful to ensure that users see the latest data after changes have been made.

Learn more about the Clear Site Cache action


Delete Record

This action deletes the current record.

Learn more about the Delete Record action


LinkedIn Status Update

This action posts a status update to be published on the LinkedIn social website.

Learn more about the LinkedIn Status action


Regular Expression

This action uses a Regular Expression (regex) to transform the value from one field in the current record, and store it in another field.

Learn more about the Regular Expression action


Reload Account Types, Reload Currencies, Reload Transaction Types

These actions are used to set the built-in account system to refresh itself from data held in Tables.

Learn more about the Reload Account Types action

Learn more about the Reload Currencies action

Learn more about the Reload Transaction Types action


Trigger Table Record Event

This action calls on another Table Event to be executed. This can be in the current Table or another Table. It can specify a particular record in the table to be executed against, or specify a set of records, or specify that a new record should be created there before execution.

Learn more about the Trigger Table Record Event action


Twitter Status Update

This action posts a status update to be published on the Twitter social website.

Learn more about the Twitter Status Update action


Update Field

This action updates the value of a field in the current record.

Learn more about the Update Field action

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