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Site 'Demo mode' 

The 'demo mode' option in the Site Manager allows a child site to be made available in a 'safe' demo mode.

Activity which is affected or blocked when this mode is active:

  • Emails generated through the demo site are emailed to the Site Owner (ie the trialler) rather than to the normal recipients. This prevents them using the server to send unsolicited email (spam). The normal recipients (the addresses the emails would have been sent to had the site not been in demo mode)  are noted in the email headers (X-To, X-CC, X-BCC).
  • Twitter posts are blocked
  • LinkedIn posts are blocked
  • Outbound SMS messages are blocked
  • FTP actions that make changes to the FTP site are blocked (File export, Create directory, Delete file, Delete directory)

The main reason for enabling demo mode is to prevent abuse by triallers of a site template, but it can also be useful to prevent development / staging versions of a site from interfering with data integrations with external systems.

Reselling sites (SaaS) 
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