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Managing sites for clients 

The account system maintains a financial account for each client, keeping track of the ayments they have made and the charges you make. Charges can either be automatic - where the system looks at the monthly usage of the client's site, and uses a charging plan you devise - or manual - wher you can enter ad-hoc charges to cover design fees or third-party chagres like domain name renewals.

You can assign each client a credit limit. This can be a positive amount, if you don't mind them owing you something, or negative, if you want to ensure they always have a balance in their account.

As they approach their credit limit, the system automatically emails them, a week beforehand, inviting them to top up the account. If they don't, a further reminder goes out when they've only a day to go.

If they don't pay, and they hit the credit limit, the system suspends their site, and emails them to explain what's happened, and invlites them to pay to get the site running again.

Reselling sites (SaaS) 
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