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Redirection to the Login component 

There are occasions when you deliberately want to link to a page that a user does not have permission to see, in order to present them with a login page.

Normally, you would do this by inserting the link into the body of a text area, with some indication of what will happen next ie "Click here to enter the admin section - you will be asked to login".

If the user is already logged in with View permission on the target page, they will be allowed to see it.

However if they do not, they will be bounced to the login page, where they will be requested to login. The login processit self can be simple - just obtaining their username and password - or more sophisticated, allowing them to register for access using an 'access code', agree to terms and conditions, etc.

When they are logged in, the log in page remembers where whey were originally trying to get to, and either takes them back there, now they are allowed to view it, or takes them to a different specified page if the target page wants them to go elsewhere first.

Site security - users and permissions