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DirectURL View 

The DirectURL View is the most flexible of the methods available to assign search engine friendly URLs to what would otherwise be numerical urls with parameters to indicate which records to display within them.

The DirectURL View is unusual in that it does not need to be embedded on a page to be used. In fact, despite it being a 'view', it is effectively invisible in use. As its action works site-wide, simply configuring it is all that is needed for it to work.

To configure the DirectURL, select a Query, and specify a field to be used.

  • In the Query, this field should have as it display format (ie what would display if used on, say, a Grid View) the part of the URL to be displayed after the domain name.
  • In the Query the field should be set as a link to the page that should be displayed. This link should contain all the parameters required for the page to know what to display.

See this application note for an example of how to use the DirectURL View.