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Search Log Data Feed 

The search log datafeed component provides access to information about searches performed on your site.

For each logged search, it exposes:

  • The search terms they entered
  • The User ID of the user performing the search
  • The number of results returned
  • The date and time of the search
  • The page on the site where the search was shown
  • The IP address of the user
  • The IP address of the server
  • The site referer (ie the page they were on before they reached the site)
  • The page referer (ie the page they were on just before they performed the search)
  • A link to re-run the search now (the re-run won't get logged)

To use the datafeed to include it in a Query, where you can either use it alone - showing all searches, or you can join with other feeds - for example the User datafeed - to co-relate the searches against more detailed user information.

More information

The search log datafeed is useful when you want to understand what people are looking for on your site. By analysing those searches where the number of results returned is zero, you can spot gaps in your coverage, or maybe learn where people are using different terminology than you are.