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Query 'Q: List' 

The Query should include those fields from the Table 'Product' that you want to show in the list of products. For example 'Name' and 'Price'

The Query will provide the data for the Grid View, which will list the products.

Sequence the records

Set the Sort order on one of the fields. (if you don't, then they will be displayed in an arbitrary order, which may simply be the order they were entered in, but the database doesn't guaranteed that)

Create a link

Use the 'On-click link picker [...]' to select the destination.
To support the link from the page with the Grid View to the page with the Sale View, the product name field should be made into a link to the Product Details page, ensuring that it includes the product Record ID parameter (which it should do by default)

Now we can define the Table View (which is done through the Views tab of this Query component) 

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