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Integrating with PayPal 

PayPal is the easiest system to get started with:

  • The setup process is normally performed entirely online
  • They perform no credit-rating analysis

To integrate with PayPal

To integrate with PayPal, first open a PayPal account, and go through the validation process. The validation process involves telling them about the bank account that will receive the money, and a credit card in your name (used to prove your identity in case of fraud). Whilst this is a straightforward process, you should allow a week or so for the process to be complete.

You then enable 'Instant Payment Notification' in your PayPal account, and tell the neatComponents system the email address of your PayPal account.

Your customers will then be given a 'Pay with PayPal' option at the end of the e-commerce process.

Note: it it worth becoming familar with the details of the PayPal system, since they do not always point out all aspects of the deal. For example, once you are trading above a certain turnover, you can apply to be charged a reduced percentage on future transactions. The application process is a single click, but the button to click on is hidden away.

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