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Page 'Description' 

This Page should be placed in the public area of the site.

Place as a child of the 'Products listing' section

We recommend you place it as a child of the Products Listing section, so that when people are on this page, the products listing retains navigation highlighting as the part of the site they are in.

Set to Hidden

The page should be set to be Hidden from the navigation links. (Do this through the Layout Manager). That way the only way people can reach this page is by first clicking on a link on the 'Products listing' Otherwise, if they came direct, the page wouldn't know which product to show (in which case it would show ten of them)





Embed the Sale View

Use the Embed tool, select the 'Q: Details' query, and then the View 'Sale View'. You can leave all the other settings at their defaults.


The finished output will look like this:

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