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Introduction to payment processors 

Payment processors are specialised web services that allow you to take payment from user’s credit cards.

They exist because the security and procedural overhead to carry out this process yourself is to great to be justified by any but the largest of shops.

How they work

Once the customer has finished adding items to their cart in neatComponents, they click on a link which takes them to the payment processor’s website.

They are then asked for their credit card details, and these are used by the processor to request the banks to make the credit card transaction.

When the transaction is done, the user clicks on a link to return to the neatComponents website, and, normally, the website is also told whether the transaction was successful. It can then email the site owner to start the fulfilment process.

Supported processors

neatComponents currently supports the following processors. Other processors will be supported on demand – just ask.

Authorise – a mainstream US-based processor.

PayPal – a global processor specialising in smaller merchants

RBS WorldPay – a global processor suited to established merchants

ING iDeal – a Netherlands-based processor

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