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Introduction & Download 

This example shows the minimum configuration you need to get a functioning ecommerce system. It is also used as the starting point for other examples extending the functionality in different ways.

Introduction to ecommerce

Read the introduction to this section...

How to use this example:

Download the example site, and use this documentation to understand how it was constructed before adapting it for your own needs.

 Download the example site

- or -

Start with a blank site, and follow the documentation to replicate the example site yourself.

 Download the blank site (This is also normally already available on your server as the 'blank site' template)

Useful tip: If you are starting with a blank site, first off add all the components, without configuring them. Then go back, and add in the configuration. This helps because sometimes you need to link components to other ones which appear later in the sequence, and if you haven't yet added them, you can't link to them.



Click on the boxes in the diagram below for details of how each component is configured.



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