Built-in cookies

The system sets and reads a number of cookies to provide a modern and comprehensive user experience.

These are cookies set by the system, as required by the specific site.

In addition to those listed the Microsoft web server will set an ASP-Session cookie to distinguish visitors. 

These are all 'first-party' cookies, which means that overall they:

  •  do not tell the site owner information about the visitor that could not be obtained otherwise
  •  do not result in information being passed to third parties


'site referer'

When a visitor clicks on a link on another site to visit your site, the browser may tell your site which site they came from. This cookie holds on to this information so it can be used by subsequent pages.

For example, it could be used to give special offers to visitors from a particular site.


'table page referer'

When a visitor moves from one page to another within your site, this cookie remembers the last page they were on.

For example, this can be used to allow 'email a friend about this page' forms to work - identifying the page they were looking at.



When a visitor is logged in this stores a reference number identifying them.


'password hash'

When a visitor has logged in this is used in conjunction with the 'username' to allow them to move around the site without having to login at every page.


'security level'

A visitor's security level choice, used to control how long a user is logged in for and which page content a browser should remember.


'temp userid'

When a visitor is not logged in this number is used to associate all their pages requests.

Example: It can be used to provide visitors with a history of their searches within the site, to make their browsing experience in large sites easier.


'query embed cookies'

Used to personalise content for the visitor based on other pages they have visited within the site.


'sibling table data'

Used to personalise content for the visitor based on other pages they have visited within the site.


'noscript' ['17']

Used to identify whether the visitor's browser has scripting enabled, so the site can deliver an enhanced version of the content where scripting is possible.


'cookies enabled' ['18']

Allows the system to know the browser has cookies enabled.


'shopping cart id'

When a visitor adds items to a shopping cart, this identifies the cart.

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