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Combining resultsets (Union queries) 

A Union is formed when you combine several recordsets with one set of records being placed below another set of records.

('below' in this case actually doesn't imply anything about the sort order of the combined recordset, as and sorting will be performed on the combined recordset)

To create a Union query

  1. Add the first table in the normal way
  2. Right-click in the top pane and choose Add Source Group. This inserts another blank pane
  3. Add the second table into this pane

To add fields in a union

  1. Drag down a field from one table to the grid
  2. In the grid, use the dropdowns to select the matching table and field for the table in the other Table Group

Each Table Group can contain more than one table, as part of a join.

You can specify more than two Table Groups.

Managing data