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Embedding Views within the navigation links 

Generally, each component added to a site is shown as a single entry in the site tree, and as a single entry in the automatically-generated navigation links.

However there are cases where you want to pull multiple records from a Form, and display one menu item for each record.

First add a Page or Section component to the site. Whilst it will initially show as normal, as a single page, it will end up being shown as mulltiple pages, one for each record.

Then create a Query that consists of the Text field that will be used to provide the text for the menu items.

  • Configure the Link properties of the field to target the page that will display the information (presumably related to that record). This will normally be the Page or Section created earlier. Be sure to select the appropriate parameters if the automatic selection is not sufficient.
  • Set the Sorting to order the records in the sequence you want the menu items to be shown.

Now go to the Behavior Editor of the Page or Section created earlier, and go to Settings / General Options / Navigation.

In "Show this page in the site as" select "Output from the following queries:"

Then click "Add..." and select the Query you made earlier.

  • If the number of entries will be greater than the default page size of 10, increase the page size, otherwise only the first 10 items will be shown.
  • Uncheck the Parent Parameters "Use all matching fields" checkbox, (otherwise, whilst it will appear to work initially, when you have clicked on one of the menu items, it will restrict down and only show the menu item corresponding to the record you clicked on)

Less common settings:

  • You can add multiple queries. Menu items will be listed in the order the queries are shown. Use the Up/Down buttons to change the order.
  • If you need to pass parameters on from one child link to another in the same section, set the "pass parameters in links to siblings" to Yes.


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