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Selecting tables and Fields 

The output from a Query is a 'resultset', and this is what is used by Views to display the information. A resultset is a grid of rows and columns of data, each row being a 'record', and each column being a 'field'. (Whilst a raw resultset is an internal invisible construct, the Grid View shows it most closely)

In simple cases, the size and shape of the resultset matches the source that the Query gets its data from, however in more complex configurations the resultset can be quite different.

In designing a Query, you are going to specify:

  • The Fields to display.
  • The sort order of the records.
  • The fields used by criteria to narrow down the selection of records to display. (Note the criteria themselves are not specified in the Query, rather, for greater flexibility, this is done when the Query is Embedded on a page, either explicity, or implicity via the use of page parameters)
  • Links and transitions triggered when a field is clicked on or hovered over.

The first stage in configuring a Query is to select the information to be used by it. Whether for display, sorting, or for use as a parameter or in a link, the Query requires the various fields involved to be added to it.

The most common source of fields are Tables, however a Query can also take them from other sources, such as data feeds from the User Management system, and from the Order Processing system.

To add fields – first add a source

  1. Right-click in the top pane, and choose 'Add Source'
  2. Select the source containing the Field and Add it
  3. Close the 'Add Source' dialog

To add fields

  1. Drag the fields down from the source list in the top pane to the grid below.

To remove a field

  1. Click in the narrow grey bar at the top of the field column, to select the field
  2. Click the Remove button

To remove a source

  1. Right-click in the source list in the top panel, to display its context menu
  2. Click 'Remove Source'

Changes are not saved until the Apply button at the bottom of the Fields tab is clicked.

Managing data