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Specifying email criteria 

Creation or modification of a Table record can trigger the sending of emails.


If you only want the email to be sent if certain criteria are matched, you need to set conditions:

To add a condition:

  • Go to the Table, and select the Configure mode, and open the Events tab.
  • Right-click on the Event (ie on "Record Change") and choose "Add Condition"
  • Give the Condition a name, for your reference in the event tree.
  • For "Condition type", choose "Field criteria"

A new node will be added to the event tree.

  • Right-click on this node, and choose "Properties"
  • Select a field, operator, and value, to define your criteria.
  • OK out of the dialog, and click Apply to save changes

To require that multiple criteria are met (a logical AND), you can chain conditions off each other:

  • Create the first condition, as detailed above
  • Crreate a second condition by Right-clicking on the first condition, and selecting "Add Condition"

To require one of a set of conditions are met (a logical OR), you need to create separate Actions, and set each one with a different Condition.


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