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News Tickers 

News Ticker

A News Ticker is a component that can be embedded on a text-area, such as a Page, Section, Layout Element or Rich Text Area that will read the Abstracts of the Components within a Section and display them in a Ticker format. The News Ticker can be configured for speed and size of display.

The News Ticker configuration allows the designer to select from which part of the site-tree the Abstracts are drawn, and which User-group can see the resulting News Ticker. There can be multiple News Tickers in a text-area, and each News Ticker can show the story Navigation Route. Items displayed in the News Ticker are inherently clickable  - taking the User to the Component associated with the Abstract text shown.

In order for an Abstract to show in the News Ticker the Search Criteria need to be met. The  News Ticker will search the Title, Text and Keywords for a Component to match Search Criteria set by the designer in the Behavior Editor of the News Ticker. It is most common to control the News Ticker display by using the Keyword entry for the Component. 

Ticker View 

The Ticker View is a configurable, but pre-formed, view that makes it very easy to provide a news ticker that can be used for creating dynamic - moving text - announcements on the website.  There can be an unlimited number of Ticker Views on a site. Like all neatComponents components, insertion on the website is a simple click.

The Ticker View differs from a News Ticker in that it displays the result of information explicitly posted to the site via a Form. This data is then passed through a Query to order the entries as the designer requires.  The Ticker View itself then renders the display from the information selected.

The Ticker View can be configured to be either a 'Letter Ticker', where text is updated a character at a time or to be a 'Vertical Scroll Ticker' where text moves smoothly upwards. In both cases the size and characteristics of the ticker box and text are fully customizable.

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