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Save and Save As 

When a user completes a record, they are given a 'Save' button to action the storing of the information.

When a user edits an existing record, they can be given two different buttons: 'Save', and 'Save as'.

  • 'Save' updates the existing record
  • 'Save as' leaves the original record untouched, and stores the updated version as a new record in the Table

The actual wording on the buttons is customisable; there is no need to display 'Save' or 'Save as'.

'Save as' is particularly useful if you want to provide an audit trail. (There is no need to include the 'Save' button when the record is being edited, so 'Save as' is the only option, and (confusingly to the admin perhaps, you can label the 'Save as' button to read 'Save', so as not to worry the user with the distinction of what is happening 'behind the scenes')


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